Bay Area’s ‘Tech Elite’ Prefer Costco and Target for Daily Shopping

Chances are you will see many Hondas in the area, regardless of the zip code

We analyzed the daily habits of residents of the most affluent zip codes in San Francisco (areas of Palo Alto, Marin County, Menlo Park, Guerneville, San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz County and San Mateo County), and found interesting insights into where they shop, where they eat and what they drive.

And here’s what we found.

Costco and Target are the preferred retailers in the Bay Area.

  • Costco came out on top for daily shopping in Palo Alto’s 94301 zip code, followed by Target.
  • Residents of Menlo Park’s 94025 zip code, San Mateo County’s 94066 and 94080 zip codes, and Berkeley’s 94720 zip code prefer to do their daily shopping from Target.

Hondas are commonly found as a popular choice for second or third car.

  • Chevrolet was popular with drivers in the 94301 Palo Alto zip code.
  • Chevy and Tesla joined Honda and Audi as top makes in Marin County’s 94940 zip code.
  • BMW was popular in the Guerneville 95471 and Menlo Park 94025 zip codes.
  • Drivers in Santa Cruz County’s 95007 zip code preferred Honda, Nissan and Mercedes.
  • Honda, Nissan and Audi were the most popular vehicle brands with drivers in San Mateo County’s 94066 and 94080 zip codes.
  • Residents in the 94102 zip code were also commonly seen behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

Coffee lovers prefer to visit their neighborhood cafe.

  • Starbucks is the most preferred coffee shop for residents in Marin County, Menlo Park and San Mateo County.
  • Santa Cruz residents are most likely to grab a beverage or snack at a neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts outlet.
  • The elite in Palo Alto, Guerneville and Berkeley preferred Peet’s Coffee & Tea.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also made it into the top two or three in other locations. Coffee Bean lovers are particularly prominent in San Francisco’s 94131, 94102, 94132, and 94108 zip codes, and San Mateo County’s 94080 zip code.

Whole Foods, Safeway and Trader Joe’s are the top 3 grocers.

  • Whole Foods is at the top for shopping for shoppers in Palo Alto’s 94301 zip code and Menlo Park’s 94025 zip code.
  • Shoppers in Marin County’s 94940 zip code, San Mateo County’s 94066 and 94080 zip codes; and San Francisco’s 94131, 94102 and 94108 zip codes preferred Safeway over Whole Foods.
  • Trader Joe’s was the most preferred among shoppers in the 94127, 94104 and 94132 zip codes in San Francisco, and the 94720 zip code in Berkeley.
  • Grocery Outlet came out on top in Guerneville, followed by Safeway and Whole Foods.