100+ million profiled users in 2 years. 2.1 billion location footprints in 4000 cities. The Near story

You are heading into a supermarket to buy monthly groceries. After you park the car, you check your phone and see that your chat app shows a message from a friend. You open it to reply, and find that next to the chat, there’s an ad displaying discount deals at another supermarket nearby. You make a mental note to try that grocer next time. Bingo! Near has bagged another potential customer for their client, the rival supermarket.

This is just one of the countless ways Near, a big data company in the mobile ad tech space, leverages geo-location and other data points to create intelligent targeting capabilities for ads across mobile devices. Today, Near has 2.1 billion location footprints across 4000 cities; they serve targeted ads from 40,000 apps to over 100 million users. Currently headquartered in Singapore, and backed by Sequoia Capital and Canaan Partners, they process billions of ads and terabytes of data every month.