Our startup culture helps us succeed

One thing that keeps me awake is how to maintain a great culture in the company. Because when I look back and see our failures, it always has something to do with a cultural mismatch. And as we grow and attract star performers from varied geographies, ethnicity, companies and experience, having a great culture means priority no 1 for us.

So what does a great culture mean? It’s probably every little thing that you do; from the emails you write to even the way you talk. And as people create culture we have to be unreasonably selective about our colleagues. We didn’t get it right every time. This meant painfully recycling a position until we get it right.”Great workplace is about
great colleagues.”

If a challenging work environment doesn’t excite you then you definitely don’t’ belong to a startup. But probably no one told you that a great culture it not just about work; it’s work + life. At Near it also means freedom. A freedom that leads to responsibilities. Responsibility towards colleagues, clients, and to the whole of your actions that build your company.

I love what Reed Hastings of Netflix said lets make the company we
always dreamed of,
and that’s what sets the foundation of our culture.”Our culture code is not only who we are
but who we want to be.”

Here’s the culture code of Near:

  • Believe in Freedom and Responsibility
  • Disrupt the Status Quo
  • Are unreasonably selective about Our Colleagues
  • Believe in Work plus Life
  • Are a perpetual Work In Progress

And this code helps us stay curious and rapidly challenge prevailing assumptions with new ideas. It keeps us nimble by finding practical solutions to hard problems. Because like Greg McAdoo of Sequoia Capital said “Great companies don’t throw money at problems, they throw ideas at them.”

Our culture is what helps us succeed in the market today. Because when we have great colleagues that built a great culture, we are never done. We are never done iterating, learning and rethinking.