Over 1 billion devices, and counting

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are profiling over a billion devices globally at Near today. It has been a milestone we always wanted to achieve, and this comes at a juncture when our platform has become truly global.

When we launched the platform in 2012, we started with Singapore to expand our footprint. Today, we have our product footprint in over 30 countries. Despite our rapid expansion, data accuracy has been a very serious affair at Near, and we have always kept an eye on the quality of data ingested into the platform.

The Near platform fuses multiple data streams such as mobile data stream, GSM data, and Wi-Fi data streams with third-party data to power our Places, People, and Product APIs. We have partnered with the best in the industry to build depth in our offering, and crossing the 1 billion device mark is a major landmark.

Maintaining an active profile base of a billion devices requires a stable infrastructure and systems that process both streaming and batch data in a reliable manner. We have invested in systems to cleanse, deduplicate, aggregate and refine the incoming data to maintain freshness and relevance of profiles. Furthermore, our systems have had to cope with the ongoing evolution of different players in the eco-system – including data formats, device makers, operating systems, data providers, exchanges and more.

As we continue to grow, we plan to invest further in utilizing the profile repository to enhance our understanding of consumer dynamics by partnering with data providers who provide unique views of our data, and support emerging use-cases in a privacy compliant manner. Advanced data science models will add more capabilities to our Places, People and Product APIs.

Managing this growing device base effectively speaks of the outstanding engineering talent we have at Near, and we are very excited about some of the features the Near platform shall be able to offer in the next couple of weeks.