Location Based LBA

Location Based Audience is the new LBA

It was a tall order when we decided to have our own location platform that can get geo-location of users without the need of GPS or operator assistance. To cover 4000 cities and towns for the most granular location coverage in APAC. To beat the 95% location detection mark across feature phones and smartphones. To be the largest location-based advertising company in the region. That was 2009.

Early 2013, after more than 2 billion location foot prints across thousands of cities, we were facing a different challenge.

Location-based Advertising had been around for a while now. It worked well in some scenarios but also failed to reach the scale in other scenarios. There’s no disagreement that location is one of the most powerful piece in targeting a user for advertisement. But the scale and effectiveness only comes by putting location into right use.

Welcome to Location Based Audience™; LBA 2.0

With months of super-complex engineering effort AdNear created a scalable way to profile mobile users accurately. The core of this offering remains location with a combination of behavior and context. This meant building an intelligent system that uses real-world data and combining it with virtual data to profile users like never before. The audience profile that’s built using location as the core component.

There was no way we could have achieved this without the enormous amount of data that we had collated over our lifespan. Today we at AdNear are proud to own Location Based Audience; the new LBA, thanks to our cool engineering team. I and my team are extremely passionate about this offering and if you need to know more please feel free to reach out to me or my colleagues.