Mindshare and Near Partner to Offer Targeted Mobile Advertising

Near and Mindshare partner to take audience & location based mobile advertising services to brands across Asia Pacific.

Mindshare is leveraging Near’s Location-Based Audience technology, with a database of more than 245 million user profiles across Asia-Pacific.

Near’s technology classifies mobile users into specific audience segments – such as professionals, the affluent, students and homemakers – based on their location data, enabling superior targeting across mobile devices. As a result of the partnership, brands will be able to reach out to their target customers through the most personal and engaging medium – mobile.

Brands who partner with Near gain insight to how audiences are interacting with their campaigns. They can also analyse audience behaviour over a period of time, using this data to optimise marketing efforts across traditional and digital media.

“Near’s proprietary technology will add a fresh dimension to Mindshare’s robust bouquet of mobile marketing solutions,” says Sanchit Sanga, Mindshare’s Head of Digital for Asia. “Location, time and context data are becoming increasingly essential for accurate targeting and dynamic messaging, Near will plug that gap for our clients.”

Near’s partnership with Mindshare helps brands reach out to a fast expanding mobile demographic through targeted marketing campaigns, amidst an expanding mobile advertising market, which is expected to account for nearly one-quarter of digital ad spend worldwide in 2014.

“Asia Pacific has a steadily maturing mobile ecosystem and businesses here are starting to realise the potential and power of targeted mobile marketing,” says Near’s Regional Sales Director – Southeast Asia, Amrita de la Pena. “This partnership will help brands discover their customers through data, and stay relevant in the fast-changing mobile environment.”

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