Near platform introduces PlaceMatrix, enhances spatial precision

We are pleased to publicly announce the availability of PlaceMatrix – our proprietary repository of building footprints in the Near Platform – currently being used in Allspark, our audience curation product. At Near, we believe that places are not dots in the real world, and hence we have mapped them as precise building shapes in our platform, as they are in the real world. We have been working on building a rich first-party dataset of plan views of a variety of branded commercial establishments in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific since 2015.

PlaceMatrix is a collection of top polygon views of commercial buildings. Such polygons can highlight the location of store in a strip-mall or provide outline plans of retail establishments in major malls. PlaceMatrix currently contains millions of these polygons for establishments in markets mentioned above. We have also extended these outline views to showcase multiple levels within buildings.

PlaceMatrix facilitates a number of activities-

  • Provides better audience estimates
  • Allows more detailed locational analysis for audience curation
  • Enhances accuracy of measuring offline attribution and tracking visit histories
  • Boosts our ongoing effort in fusing different geo-indexed data streams from apps, wifi-hotspots and other sources by providing more detailed modeling for combining these disparate data sets.

Overall, PlaceMatrix complements our analytics offerings by allowing us to combine outdoor consumer journeys with their “indoor activity”, and clearly differentiating consumers ‘around’ the stores from the ones ‘inside’ the stores. In the near future, we believe this will allow us to better exploit in-door data assets to understand the consumer journey with greater fidelity.

Our current customers can also utilize PlaceMatrix by overlaying their in-house data with the heterogeneous data in the Near platform for granular consumer insights.

Watch this space for future updates.